Hunting Retriever Club, Inc. (HRC)

in affiliation with the United Kennel Club, Inc. (UKC)


The Hunting Retriever Club, Inc. (HRC) and the United Kennel Club, Inc. (UKC) provide us a program to develop the hunting retriever to fulfill its intended purposes in life – hunting. These two organizations, working closely together, provide hunters and hunting retrievers a series of actual hunting tests in a controlled environment working toward titles granted by UKC.

HRC affords ongoing educational and training experience for hunters and their retrievers. Except for the International Grand Hunt, a hunting retriever will be able to participate in all tests at each level of competition without being eliminated. We believe in promoting conservation of waterfowl and upland game birds and provides a continuing commitment of our American members to our Second Amendment rights and all members’ rights to keep and bear arms.

Participation is opened to all purebred gun dog breeds and provides hunters an arena in which they may train and test their retrievers in true-to-life hunting situations. In addition, retrievers which have demonstrated both their natural and trained abilities afield are awarded UKC Championship Points toward the titles of Started Hunting Retriever (SHR), Hunting Retriever (HR), Hunting Retriever Champion (HRCH), Upland Hunter (UH), and Grand Hunting Retriever Champion (GRHRCH). In conjunction with attainment of points and titles on hunting retrievers, members are able to gain elite membership to Point Club Recognition Programs, such as the 500 Point Club, 1000 Point Club, etc.

Our program provides a platform on which to base a sound breeding program. UKC will maintain a registry of working hunting retrievers. Degrees (awards of titles) will enable you to look at a UKC registered dog’s pedigree and immediately determine by the prefix to any dog’s names whether that dog and any of it’s ancestors have earned titles in HRC. It will help hunters select pups or dogs from bloodlines that have demonstrated true hunting/retrieving abilities.

What sets us apart? Our tests are designed around a standard – not competition between dogs. In testing environments, real birds are used and we are the only hunt testing venue that allows the handler hands on use of the gun during the test. As members, we forge our own future – through the democracy of decision.

It’s the people and dogs that make HRC the best, fasting growing hunting retriever training/testing organization available. We invite you to visit HRC’s website to learn more about our program. If you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to contact us at Cowtown HRC and we’ll be happy to help.